Culture Clash – When To Be (and Not Be) Proactive


One often talked about cultural difference between American and Chinese cultures is being proactive. As an American, it’s easy to place a high value on being proactive and to denigrate those are not as being timid or weak of heart.

Early bird in Kuala Lumpur Zoo looking for a worm, but there’s only JiaYou (moments later, the bird pecked at her!)

Just consider old adages such as “The early bird gets the worm,” and “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” and the classic Latin “Fortune favors the bold”. They attest to this value American and Western societies in general hold that it is better to take action and bear the risk of failure in order to gain the greater prize.

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Perils of Black Friday Shopping – Beware the Store Credit Card Upsell!


This is JiaYou’s first Black Friday shopping experience, and it wasn’t the enjoyable, fun-filled day that we were planning. But she had her first encounter with STORE CREDIT CARDS!

Useful and necessary tools, but there are pitfalls (credit:

Admittedly, we have never been eager or die hard shoppers, but in this case we were looking forward to taking advantage of 50% off sales for my wife as we shopped for clothes at a name brand clothing chain.


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