Introduction to Chinese Churches in the US – Where to Find Chinese in Suburbia


Outside the Chinatowns in main urban centers of the U.S., it can be difficult to find a Chinese immigrant or second generation Chinese community for newcomers. But, in fact, in more suburban areas there actually are Chinese communities – they’re just harder to find because they are more spread out.

Sanctuary of Trinity Church in lower Manhattan near Wall St. This is where, incidentally, Alexander Hamilton is buried.

As non-intuitive as it sounds, the most common and strongest of these communities is the Chinese church; they are the main civic and social community centers for recent immigrants and their children.

You don’t have to be Christian to go to one – in fact, like all Christian churches they have a strong sense of evangelism and want non-Christians to come. But if you only want community and never want to even hear/talk/ask questions about Christianity, it’ll eventually become uncomfortable for you.


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