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I’m the Asian American husband AddingOil and my wife is JiaYou, a recent immigrant from China to the US. We met and married in Shanghai while I was working there for 7 years, and now we reside in New York City. We run the blog TheNomadAtHeart.com to share our experiences of living and traveling in Shanghai, New York City, and around the world.

Sheep scurrying away from us in Qinghai, China
Sheep scurrying away from us in Qinghai, China

We have traveled extensively throughout China (30+ cities) and throughout Asia, from as far north as Mongolia to as far south as Malaysia. We want to help those interested in going off the beaten path or doing slow travel wherever we’ve been to and wherever our future travels take us.

And hopefully we can help other new immigrants to the U.S., especially Chinese immigrants, go through the spousal immigration process and settle here as we build our life in New York City. JiaYou can share her confusion (and I can share my frustration!) as we contend with issues together.

We are just starting this website, so please check back regularly and leave comments so we can have some fruitful discussions.






Let us know what you think and share your experiences!